Modern University Buildings

"Percy Thomas and Sons" "Physical Sciences Building" "University College of Wales, Aberystwyth" "Basil Spence" "Faraday Building" "University of Southampton" "Stirling and Gowan" "Engineering building" "University of Leicester" "University of Essex" "Hexagon Restaurant" "Architects' Co-Partnership"

So, this was a splendid Christmas present from my mate Silvia: a set of 1971 postage stamps representing four brilliant modernist university buildings: Percy Thomas and Sons's international style Physical Sciences Building at the University College of Wales, Aberystwyth (3p); Basil Spence's Faraday Building at the University of Southampton – with shades of his hulking Home Office building (5p); that collision of half-solved Rubik's Snake, Cube and Pyramid – Stirling and Gowan's Engineering building for the University of Leicester (7½p); and the University of Essex's Hexagon Restaurant by those clever johnnies at Architects' Co-Partnership (9p).

Stirling ad Gowan, Leicester Engineering Building

The stamps themselves are beautifully illustrated by Nicholas Jenkins, and the accompanying booklet has contrasting, but still delightful, sketches by Ronald Maddox – The British Postal Museum blog has an interesting insight into how both artists pitched for the job and ended up splitting it.

University of Essex

Now I just need to find a way of framing them and the booklet – they're too beautiful to be hidden away in a drawer.

University of Essex


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