Concretopia - the paperback!

"New Addington" Croydon "Park Hill" Sheffield "T Dan Smith" "Eric Lyons Span" "John Poulson" "Rchard Seifert" Gorbals "Basil Spence" "Robert Matthew" "Cumbernauld" "new towns" Harlow "Milton Keynes" "Coventry Cathedral" "postwar rebuilding" "blitz rebuilding"

On the 8th July 2015 the paperback edition of Concretopia was released. Donna Payne adapted her brilliant cover design and Old Street editor Ben Yarde-Buller and I went through and made some corrections to the text. Nothing so grand as a new edition, just a little tidying up.

I've been quite amazed by the interest in the book, and hugely grateful for all of the support there's been. Thank you to everyone who's already read it and have enthused, it's really made a difference. It's been smashing to meet people at events and I hope to do more. Or you can get in touch @Grindrod on Twitter or via the Concretopia Facebook page.

The paperback is available on Amazon, Waterstones, Foyles, indie bookshop hub Hive, and is on sale from those beautiful indie bookshops like Bookseller Crow in Crystal Palace, Bookmarks in Bloomsbury, and many others whose support has made all the difference.

[Blog post updated post-publication]


  1. Hello John
    Ive just finished reading your book - superb from start to finish and hence why I've followed the link from the book to this site. Love it !
    Andrew Clark, Doncaster

    1. Cheers Andrew! That's really kind of you. Think of these posts as extravagant footnotes...


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